Host a Tarot Party!

Recently, I did a Tarot Party for a high school graduation celebration in Bay View in Milwaukee and it was one of my favorite Tarot reading experiences ever. 

The backyard was full of people eating, talking, and wandering the lovely garden, sitting by the fire. Diane, who was hosting the party and giving her daughter this reading as a graduation present, set me up at a small table off to the side. She put the names of all the people at the party into a hat, and after each reading we drew a new name from the hat.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the evening was how different all of the readings were, and also how different the questions were that people asked. (Although I ask that people not tell me their question *before* I read their cards, many people choose to tell me just after the reading what their question was.) There were questions about whether to take a promotion at work, or what major to pursue in college, as well as about love or health issues. Some people asked about money or a new baby. It was a beautiful night, and everyone laughed at least once during their readings, which is always good...

I was also so happy to find that people from all walks of life were interested in getting a reading. Also, there were people who really didn't ever think they'd go to any kind of "fortune teller" or had never even heard of the Tarot, who were intrigued with the experience. (One particular man, a cop, said he was scared but would do it anyway...:) 

You will find that having a tarot reader at your party is a great conversation piece and icebreaker--people return to their tables talking about their readings, and even find themselves sharing the experience with a stranger at the celebration. It also always seems to happen that someone will be shaking their heads at how "spooky" the reading's predictions or answers were...

Please feel free to contact me with questions or to tailor the tarot reading experience to you particular kind of party and audience. I look forward to hearing from you!